Moving Home: Do it Yourself or Employ a Professional Company?

Moving Home: Do it Yourself or Employ a Professional Company?

When it comes to moving homes, we have much more choice these days. We can, if we choose to, do most of the work ourselves. From sprucing up the home ready for a sale, to selling online, without agency fees, and enlisting our mate with a van to help us move our belongings from A-B. But is moving DIY the best way forward. Davie Ring of Bristol company Sprint Removals looks at each of the main processes involved in moving homes and weigh up the options.

Preparing Your Home

This part is maybe the one that is often overlooked when people start to make plans to move to a new property. The excitement and planning that comes with a move can mean that we neglect to take a good hard look at our existing property and give it the attention it deserves. But with this piece of the puzzle, whether you DIY or enlist a professional company will depend on the extent of what you decide to do with your property before you move. If you’re simply giving your interior a boost, it’s sort of a no-brainer, as you can save money by painting, decorating and giving your home a good old spring clean yourself. However, if you’re looking upgrade your property with new facilities, fixtures and fittings, it will all depend on your capability and your budget. We certainly wouldn’t recommend trying to do a loft conversion or a bathroom remodel, for example, without professional help.

The Physical Move

Again, this is dependent on your circumstances, but can certainly be done DIY if you put a plan in place. Removals companies can be a great option, however – especially if you shop around for the most reputable and affordable company. Moving your belongings yourself will likely save you money, but bear in mind that you will be relying on friends and family to help you in most instances. So, not only will you have to work around the availability of others, you will likely have to bribe them with a meal or a pint too. So, this one will depend on how generous your mates are, and whether or not they have the time to help you move. Additionally, you will probably have to look into sorting out insurance towards any potential damage that may occur. It’s a wise idea to get some quotes for this before you decide that DIY is definitely the cheaper option. A removals company takes the work out of the process for you. Yes, it will come at a higher price than a round of beers, but you will have peace of mind that you are relying on experienced professionals, where insurance is already in place.

The selling processes

You have options here too. Which way you choose to go with advertising our home will largely depend on how fast you hope to sell, and what you are prepared to pay for advertising and/or agency fees. If you decide to go DIY on the whole hog, you will need to consider what this process will entail: taking and uploading/advertising photographs of your property on the platform of your choice (online, or on social media for example), pricing the property yourself, writing the advert copy yourself, with all of the accurate details and USPs, etc, dealing with enquiries yourself and meeting potential buyers yourself. It can certainly be done, but it will come at some time commitment. You can also opt for the more traditional route, where all of the above will be done on your behalf by a professional agency. Bear in mind that agencies charge commission fees, and you won’t usually have much say on how your home is presented or advertised.

The compromise

A compromise between selling yourself and using an agency is often to look for online agencies, or ‘hybrid’ agencies. These are agencies that can offer you varying levels of help with the selling process, from surveys to enquiry handling, ad-writing and photo displays. Online sellers will have a varying range of fees but, where high street agencies will take commission after or during the selling process, online sellers will usually charge a flat rate up front.

In fact, you can probably compromise between doing it yourself and making excellent use of professionals that can help you move from start to finish. It will all depend on your time and your budget.